Hi Everyone,

I really enjoyed using the Adobe Spark app on my phone to create this basic introduction. I shared it with my family and friends at work (in my online/home-based learning program VLearn – SD22) today and one of my colleagues has already forwarded the link to her students for them to use too! How great is that!

I have to admit – I’m feeling a wee bit overwhelmed and afraid of how much I need to learn and how little time I feel I have given the demands in my life. I’ve just started this new PT position as school-based resource teacher and online k-7 teacher and have a ton of new things to learn. Looking at the course home page last night just about shut me down – especially when I saw that the first submission (i.e. introduction I made) is nowhere to be found. This is my second intro – believe me, the first did not speak to my anxieties like this one is!!!

Nonetheless, it’s all exciting and new and I’m looking forward to jumping in with what I know and learning as I go. I am not a highly talented tech person, but I hope to learn more. I’m willing to take risks and try new things. I might need a little help narrowing my focus because all of it is new and there is so much to learn. For now – figuring out how to make sure I get the important info for course content/requirements and getting things done correctly will be my goal.

I’m looking forward to getting to know you all better and to better understanding online/home based teaching and learning.




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