Ok folks – the audio trouble I was having was a technical one I’ve had before on my computer.  I spent probably an hour fiddling with the settings and trying to get audio back up and running.  The problem started after simply putting my headphones into the jack – I was left suddenly with no audio on anything – no YouTube, no Audacity, no Voki.  So in the end, the app works pretty seamlessly, but sometimes the trouble lies in the machine.  After remembering my troubles getting audio online with my classmates a few weeks ago (Big Blue Button audio troubles) I shut everything down and restarted the computer to attempt to fix the problem.  Simple solution because it worked.  It just took me an hour or so of exploration to figure it out.  Damn machine.  I will attempt to link my Ratty intro to my LMS another day.  I think the students will enjoy playing with this one though.  Enjoy!

Ratty’s Introduction

Source: I just made a new Voki. See it here:

OK – now I think I’m getting the hang of this!  YAHOO!  I made Ratty go viral!  I wasn’t sure I could make the avatar image show on my page but I did it! (I’m high fiving myself right now because whenever I figure something like this out – though it may seem small to you, it’s HUGE learning for me).  I’m so excited!  Baby steps forward for me!

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  1. Keith says:

    HI Nic,

    I think the Voki tool is a great way to add some interest in an audio introduction. I think you should play around with your available tools or microphones and/or the environments in which you can record. Your audio as recorded is rather tinny. You can try a SmartPhone as a voice recorder – the quality is usually pretty good. I’ve found that a headset with microphone (I use a Logitech model from Best Buy at work and at home) is a good investment for audio recording and for participating in web conferences. On the other hand many newer laptops have pretty good microphones.


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