My intention is to embed this YouTube video into my wiki site as a reference for my students and families who want to learn a little more about Cairn Terriers.  It is a fun, light tutorial including funny scenes, specific facts, and interesting information about “the Toto dog”.


Dogs 101 – Cairn Terrier


Media used:

  • Video – live cairn terriers, interviews with adults/professionals in the field, references to famous dogs and people,  appealing video of puppies and adult dogs
  • music, engaging sound effects,
  • Cartoon images, map highlighting origin of the cairn, animated cartoon rats depicting prey
  • Uses humour and “cut out graphics” to demonstrate left pawed characteristic of the dogs


Educational Context:

  • Moodle wiki site showcasing our animal assisted intervention dog – Kona who is a Cairn Terrier
  • It’s a great, short video highlighting key traits, characteristics and interesting facts about the Cairn
  • Good for kindergarten-adult audience
  • Nothing in the video that would limit the use


Pedagogically Sound:

  • Correct facts
  • Engaging
  • Good length
  • Specific vocabulary


Software required to produce:

  • Specific movie editing software would have been used to add interesting clips, insert graphics, music, audio – modified sound effect, enhanced screen view with bold words, uses call outs and asides to highlight important traits, etc.
  • Graphics program


Hardware required to produce:

  • High quality video equipment  


Skills required to produce:

  • Professional level movie making


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