7.3 Make a Mind-Map of Your Learning Network

MindMup mind map:

Growing my online teaching skills:  Personal Learning Network


I’ve had to remind myself, pretty much on a daily basis, that I am taking this learning process one day at a time and that I am slowly, but surely moving forward.  This week’s learning, with a focus on PLN’s and a renewed look (for me at least) at emerging technologies has helped me take a breath, slow down and really focus on what my learning goals are and assess what I need to do to be able to complete my final assignments for this course a.k.a. learn the skills I need to do my job well.  Looking back at the assignment I completed early in the course  http://students.olblogs.tru.ca/nstewart/education-technology-help/ – Education Technology Help, I was shocked to discover how off that track I am.  At the time I felt a focus on some specific programs that are offered in my district would be most beneficial and I set competency and practice using them as a learning goal.  It’s interesting how my path shifted as new ideas and ways of integrating specific technologies into my teaching have emerged and I am no longer interested (or convinced that I need to know what I thought I did) in pursuing my initial goals.  One of my professional mentors once told me to narrow my focus – don’t try to learn it all at once.  Get good at doing one thing, well.  My mind map – using MindMup 2.0 – https://www.mindmup.com/ was a very useful activity because it helped me narrow my focus.  It reminded me of all the great resources and supports I have at my fingertips – whether it be technology skilled colleagues in my school district, understanding and supportive colleagues in my school, relevant and interesting ideas shared by my family, or useful, engaging and supportive tools and ideas I learn through my online work I have a network holding me as I painfully work to understand, integrate and use the things I am learning.  The learning process is so messy and sometimes so hard.  Sometimes I feel like an imposter in the role of teacher – other times I feel like a knowledgeable professional in my work to help my students move forward in their learning.  I have listed in my map the major technology based things I am focusing on and hope to integrate some of them into my final assignment.  Currently, I’m enjoying working with MindMup 2.0 and have accessed it for another project in EDDL 5111.  I think it’s an excellent tool to help organize thinking, clarify learning, and present ideas.  I plan to use it next week with a group of students who are working on an inquiry project on cairn terriers.  They are at the outset of a project to learn about our school-based therapy dog and present the information they learn about her to the rest of the school.  I think a brainstorming session around potential questions to ask would be relevant and fun.  We also have a new set of Chrome Books for use that I have yet to access.  The girls can get started with me and finish at home.  How exciting!  I’ll let you know how my forays into technology use go.  Wish me luck!


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