EDDL 5131

Nic on April 9, 2017

For our final assignment, I chose to improve some of the work I started with earlier in the course.  The difficulties in sharing my work from the school LMS were overcome by beginning to develop my own Moodle cloud platform, where in the future I hope to continue to showcase the work I am doing with […]

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My lesson is based on a conversation I had with a colleague, prior to spring break.  We discussed the use of our 10 new iPads and the best way to introduce them to our students, who attend our program on a weekly basis for 2 hours.  We will also be hosting our board trustees later […]

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Week 10: Activity 1 – Create a live-action video Monday, March 20th, 2017 I feel like such a slow learner.  Tonight I finally figured out how to get my videos and photos off my IPhone and onto my computer or IPad through Google Drive.  I can’t believe it took me so long – I’ve been […]

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Last week I had a spike in my online teaching and learning curve.  It started with my foray into creating my own YouTube channel when I figured out that I needed a virtual space to host my video files if I wanted to share them on my blog.  Up until that point, I had no […]

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Nic on March 12, 2017

Hi, After reviewing this plan I think that what I’ve created is more like a series of lessons and less like one individual, specific lesson on how to create something using technology. That being said, I created this “lesson” and implemented it with one of my students and is a live, work in progress. I […]

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Nic on March 6, 2017

It’s been awhile since I’ve been live simply because this technology learning is overwhelming and challenging and I find that it is a bit of a time sink – once  I get started on something I move very slowly through it and often without much progress.  This week’s activity was no exception.  I’m a true […]

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Nic on February 18, 2017

Ok folks – the audio trouble I was having was a technical one I’ve had before on my computer.  I spent probably an hour fiddling with the settings and trying to get audio back up and running.  The problem started after simply putting my headphones into the jack – I was left suddenly with no […]

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Nic on February 18, 2017

Hi! I thought I’d play a little with the free app – Voki to create an avatar to use on my school’s Moodle site.  I’ve taken the plunge and created an active wiki on my school LMS and am playing with my students as we work to create a space to share information about Kona […]

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Nic on February 11, 2017

Hi All, I went into the link that Keith provided us to access free online audio content and found a great variety to choose from.  I decided to keep it simple and went with a classic Jack Johnson “Better When We’re Together” piece that was recorded during one of his 2013 concerts.  My intent is […]

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Nic on February 8, 2017

I’ve been playing around quite a bit these days with the various programs – both online and on my computer, to learn to manipulate graphics and create enhanced visuals for my teaching.  It has taken both time and effort to figure things out; slowly but surely I’m getting it.  One of the big things I […]

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