1. GENERAL APPEARANCE That of an active, game, hardy, small working terrier of the short-legged class; very free in its movements, strongly but not heavily built, standing well forward on its forelegs, deep in the ribs, well coupled with strong hindquarters and presenting a well-proportioned build with a medium length of back, having a hard, […]

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Nic on January 29, 2017

I chose a photo of Kona doing “shavasana” with some of my students at the end of a laughter yoga session.  She is an amazingly intuitive dog who naturally joins the students with calm, relaxed energy when needed.  The students love being “chosen” because sometimes she will decide to lay on top of them. The […]

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My intention is to embed this YouTube video into my wiki site as a reference for my students and families who want to learn a little more about Cairn Terriers.  It is a fun, light tutorial including funny scenes, specific facts, and interesting information about “the Toto dog”.   Dogs 101 – Cairn Terrier   […]

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Nic on January 22, 2017

Please visit my Google document to see what I’ve been up to in my wiki. https://docs.google.com/document/d/15VSp4nfnvfZi5RS8bEVCNriOaaWYm4MR5BOz4GMTRWE/edit?usp=sharing      

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Nic on January 16, 2017

Hi Gang! I had fun over the weekend playing with Padlet.  Please have a look at my link and make comments on the posts I created.  I’m curious to see if it works! My Introduction using Padlet

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