EDDL 5131

Michael on April 13, 2014

My Media Exemplar Collection is found at http://michaels-site.weebly.com/ . I have used 4 ‘Buttons’ on the website.  The Introduction was made using Powtoon, with the narration using Audacity.  For the Stair Calculations I used a spectacle video camera called Pivothead which I found to be very difficult to use to make a good product.  The filming was easy, […]

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Michael on March 31, 2014

https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1Tu-Ckml1NfUPqgQJuMJ2oePUveBhiMy9SdhLGdIXjpY/edit?usp=sharing http://www.slideshare.net/mnauth/building-stairs-student Student StairAssg#1 I created my student assignment in PowerPoint and I uploaded it to Google Slide and to Slideshare in order to post it to My Blog.  In both cases, I lost the audio from Slide #1.  I have added it as an mp3 file, created in Audacity. The students (carpenter apprentices) have […]

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Michael on March 16, 2014

EDDL 5131             Multi-Media Enhanced (MME) Lesson            Michael Nauth   I created an MME lesson on ‘Calculating a Simple Set of Stairs’ using Audacity™, Prezi™, YouTube™, a video camera, a MacBook Pro, and a desktop PC.  I drew the stair diagram in AutoCAD™, entered text directly into the Prezi, and added a few photos from the […]

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Michael on March 9, 2014

My account https://delicious.com/mnauth

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Michael on February 22, 2014

ICF digital story from mnauth Week 5: Activity 2           Digital Storytelling I chose to use Power point for the slide presentation of jobsite photos  and manufacturer’s sites and I uploaded it to Slideshare.   I used Audacity to record the audio, uploaded the mp3 file to Slideshare and synced the audio to the slides.  In this […]

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Michael on February 17, 2014

jfk_1963_0611_civilrights-edited JFK’s Civil Rights address edited from 13.30 minutes to 3.55 minutes.

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Michael on February 16, 2014

Red Seal Exam Voice_ I have recorded an audio piece that is a Guide to Preparing to Write the Red Seal Carpentry Exam. I plan to link the audio to a visual slideshow in PowerPoint.

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Michael on February 10, 2014

il wp-image-295″ title=”Roof Framing Original” src=”http://students.olblogs.tru.ca/mnauth/files/2014/02/Roof-Framing-Original1-150×150.jpg” alt=”” width=”150″ height=”150″ /> I saved this image from Flickr to my docs. I uploaded the thumbnail to my post. I then linked the post to the original on Flickr. It seems to work. This photo is taken of a practical class in another training facility.  A great way […]

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Michael on February 3, 2014

These two graphics introduce the apprentice to the names, locations, and functions of the wall framing components of a Canadian Wood-Framed House.  They also establish industry standards for lumber dimensions and set out a procedure for determining a cutting list for the components. My graphics can be viewed at http://www.flickr.com/photos/116245423@N07/. Highlight the url, right-click, and chose […]

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Michael on February 2, 2014

This is a photograph taken 3 years ago on the deck of my parents’ home in Montreal, at a family BBQ.  Facing the camera, from left to right, are my son Jason, my grand-niece Kylie, and my nephew Shayne.  Jason would be leaving shortly thereafter for a posting in Singapore, together with his girlfriend Albena. […]

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