EDDL5151                                  Final Assignment                       Michael N.

I found that working in Moodle to be much more user-friendly than WeeblyMoodle is a self-contained Learning Management System (LMS) that is set up specifically for education.

In Moodle, uploading of images, Powerpoints (complete with audio explanations and instructions), WORD docs, and assignments were easy to accomplish.  All of the course preparation was done separately and then uploaded or cut&pasted.  I completed the multiple-choice quiz directly in Moodle and I found that to be a worthwhile task.  The quizzes were scored immediately and the correct choices were given, so feedback was immediate.  For the correct answers I was able to add ‘worked-out’ solutions.  It was easy to establish to Youtube videos and to Slideshare presentations.  I selected Backup the ‘Administration’ box and followed the prompts – Initial Settings à Schema à Confirm & Review à Perform Backup.  I then clicked on Restore and I was able to chose ‘restore’ with or without student data.  I also learnt that there is a limit to the Backup and I had to backup without my PowerPoints.  When I restored, my lessons were duplicated so I deleted the copies.

In Weebly, I chose to work with the free version which has limited space and so I not able to include the audio with my PowerPoints slides.  I uploaded the PPT’s to Slideshare and then embedded them into the pages in Weebly.  The links to Youtube were easy to establish.  There were no resident Multiple-Choice quiz-makers, so thanks to Paula’s tip I created the quiz in testmoz.com and linked it to Weebly.  Each student was given a username (by email) with a password.  I could also use a site password but for this assignment I chose to not do so.  The site is found at http://michaels-rafter-roof.weebly.com/.  I was also able to create a .zip archive of my site and had it sent to my email address.  I would have to store this archive and restore it as needed.

I feel confident and somewhat competent now to begin to put my courses online.  I think that this would be a real benefit for those apprentices who chose to work from home.  I would be using Moodle since we use that platform at my college.


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