Michael on June 23, 2014

Week 6: Activity 1.                                                                                Michael Student activity: The Techbribe is a weblog to enable students to publish work related to their IT projects.    URL – http://www.techbribe.com Hardware/software – podcast, video/video podcast, blog How is the technology used? – to encourage Design Technology students to become independent and creative thinkers Why was the technology used? […]

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Michael on June 23, 2014

EDDL 5151                                 Week 6, Activity #2                            Michael Lisa Nielsen describes herself as someone who found school to be boring and irrelevant and that again shows how different our students are from each other and how important it is that we take several different approaches to our teaching.  My own experience was quite […]

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Michael on June 11, 2014

EDDL5151              Assignment #1 : Environmental Scan            Michael Nauth 1.        In the Construction Trades and Building Science Department at Algonquin College we have two basic streams of classes.  The first is the Apprenticeship stream in which the apprentices attend classes for eight weeks of the year to complete their in-school training, on their way to […]

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