My Media Exemplar Collection is found at .

I have used 4 ‘Buttons’ on the website.  The Introduction was made using Powtoon, with the narration using Audacity.  For the Stair Calculations I used a spectacle video camera called Pivothead which I found to be very difficult to use to make a good product.  The filming was easy, as was the downloading to my computer, but after over 25 takes using many different set-ups, I finally settled on the one on the website.  The main difficulty was keeping my head still while I spoke.  The Carriage Layout video was produced using a standard video camera (held by one of my students), and the Student Assignment was made in PowerPoint. And then to get it all on to Weebly, uploading, downloading, logging on, signing up – my head is spinning.  But, I am getting it.  It is a whole easier now than when I first started the Program.

Best wishes to all my classmates.  Hope to see some of you in 5151.


4 Comments on Media Exemplar Collection

  1. Debbie Stewart says:

    I really like the way you’ve set out your website Michael. It is very user friendly – clear and concise!

  2. Tzveta says:

    Hi Michael,
    I can’t watch the introduction, it says the video is private. And cutting the carriage is private too.
    I really liked your video: 7 Steps to Stair-Building. I’ve never heard about Powtoon before. I’ll have to try it out. Is it easy to use? Do you have to download a software or is it online?
    Good luck with your last course 🙂

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