Michael on April 13, 2014

My Media Exemplar Collection is found at http://michaels-site.weebly.com/ . I have used 4 ‘Buttons’ on the website.  The Introduction was made using Powtoon, with the narration using Audacity.  For the Stair Calculations I used a spectacle video camera called Pivothead which I found to be very difficult to use to make a good product.  The filming was easy, […]

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Michael on April 6, 2014

Facilitation Reflection                         EDDL5141                        Michael Nauth   I was fortunate to work with colleagues that were like-minded.  We all agreed to structure the online activity in much the same way.  And structure, whether explicit or implicit, is a crucial part of my philosophy of teaching and learning.  Our site on ‘Webnode’ was […]

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