Student StairAssg#1

I created my student assignment in PowerPoint and I uploaded it to Google Slide and to Slideshare in order to post it to My Blog.  In both cases, I lost the audio from Slide #1.  I have added it as an mp3 file, created in Audacity.

The students (carpenter apprentices) have by now completed the calculation lesson in stair-building and this activity provides them with an opportunity to apply the theory to their practice.  By working together  they will assist each other to do the practical work safely and the collaboration will help to clear up any ‘foggy ‘ areas in their understanding of the unit.  The objective is to get them to approach the construction of stairs with a proven step-by-step methodology.  First they will perform the necessary calculations and then they will transfer the unit rise and unit run dimensions to the framing square and clamp those positions with the stair gauges.  In this way they will have a rigid stair triangle which they can layout repeatedly on to the 2 x 10 stair carriage.  They then have to remember to make the necessary adjustments at the top and at the bottom of the carriage and to accommodate the kicker and the hanger board.  They will cut strips of sheathing and dimension lumber to simulate stair treads and riser boards.

The use of multimedia, the PowerPoint text and the photos, keeps them honest and channels their energies to produce a ‘perfect’ project.  They will be ‘judged’ by a jury of their peers, and that will motivate them to do their best.  The group collaboration is familiar to them as it imitates their on-the-job experience. For the most part, the apprentices want to help each other to ‘get’ it right.

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  1. emoir says:

    Hi Michael,
    I used my MME Student Activity as a “show what you know” style of activity as well. Mine is not nearly as hands-on as yours is, however, this is a great way to check in and see how they’re applying their knowledge. :)Em

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