EDDL 5131             Multi-Media Enhanced (MME) Lesson            Michael Nauth


I created an MME lesson on ‘Calculating a Simple Set of Stairs’ using Audacity™, Prezi™, YouTube™, a video camera, a MacBook Pro, and a desktop PC.  I drew the stair diagram in AutoCAD™, entered text directly into the Prezi, and added a few photos from the web.  I voiced-over the slides and I feel that the lesson is completely deliverable online.

For a first run at video, it went smoothly and quickly since I was fortunate to have the assistance of one of my former students who happened to drop by just as I was about to start.  It would have taken much longer if I were working alone.  The video easily downloaded to my Macbook.  I then copied it to a memory stick and transferred it to my PC.  I did the Prezi™ on my PC since I wanted to be sure that all of my colleagues could access it.  I added voice to each slide using Audacity™, and saved each file individually to my hard drive and then inserted them one at a time into the Prezi™.  There were a few inexplicable glitches, but I worked away until I got it – about 20 hours total for a 15 minute presentation or what would be about 30 minutes of in-class time.  I am hoping that I will be able to cut that time to about 5 hours as I get better at this.


3 Comments on Multi-Media Enhanced Assignment

  1. Tzveta says:

    It looks very good, the presentation is organized and neat. However it’s difficult to understand for me because I’m not familiar with the topic 🙂

  2. Khaula says:

    I like your presentation very much. You are right. All the slides are very clear. Instructions are easy to understand. I think I will research on Prezi for my week 1o activity and then use it for final assignment. i hope it works.

  3. emoir says:

    Hi Michael,
    You inspried me to try Prezi for my 5141 final reflection. Your presentation here was clear and logical. It seems like a well-developed lesson with a clear pedagogical focus.

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