Week 5: Activity 2           Digital Storytelling

I chose to use Power point for the slide presentation of jobsite photos  and manufacturer’s sites and I uploaded it to Slideshare.   I used Audacity to record the audio, uploaded the mp3 file to Slideshare and synced the audio to the slides.  In this way I produced what is called a Slidecast.  Unfortunately, this service will be discontinued in early April.

I can see that digital storytelling would play an important role in getting the apprentices to actively participate in online learning.  They all have cell phones, almost all have smartphones, and they all take pictures of the jobs where they are working.  With Slidecast no longer going to be available, they can easily place their photos on PowerPoint and add audio within PowerPoint.  I will have to figure out a way to share a PowerPoint slide presentation with embedded audio on the college’s Blackboard platform.  I have tried doing it on WordPress without success.


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  1. Tzveta says:

    It’s a good presentation, combining the voice and the picture is easier to understand.
    So, you mean that you won’t be able to upload presentations with audio on Slideshare?

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