This is a photograph taken 3 years ago on the deck of my parents’ home in Montreal, at a family BBQ.  Facing the camera, from left to right, are my son Jason, my grand-niece Kylie, and my nephew Shayne.  Jason would be leaving shortly thereafter for a posting in Singapore, together with his girlfriend Albena. He always loved kids and he couldn’t wait to start his own family.  The original photo captured his body language and his look of anticipation.

Jason returned to Montreal on business a year and a half ago and shared his plan to get engaged, get married , and fulfil his dream. As fate would have it, he was killed in a car accident on the night of his planned return to Singapore.  His  fiancee-to-be, Albena, found the engagement ring when she was packing to come home for the funeral. The cropped photo pulls you into his eyes, his smile, his  heart.  A  precious and palpable memory.


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  1. Tzveta says:

    I’m sorry to hear that story 🙁

  2. Kelly says:

    Michael thank you for sharing this photo with us. How tragic for all of you. I hope that now images such as this one help you celebrate his time with you. Kelly

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