I chose to use Slideshare to upload my PowerPoint presentation since it has the capability to be shown to a closed group and it was relatively easy to convert it to a Slidecast.  There is probably a better way, but I used Quicktime to record my voice, uploaded the m4A file to Itunes, converted it to an mp3 file, and uploaded it to Slideshare (http://www.slideshare.net/slideshow/embed_code/28545126).  From there I was able to segregate the audio track by slide and ended up with a reasonably good product.  It needs some fine tuning.  When the AutoCAD drawings were converted to pdf’s, some crispness was lost.  I will attempt to scan my CAD drawings at the college and see how they turn out in PowerPoint.


3 Comments on Digital Story-Telling

  1. Tzveta says:

    The idea of using Slideshare is good. I like the fact that you can add videos also. You presentation is good, but there are technical aspects that I don’t understand 😛

  2. Michael says:

    Thanks Tzveta. I hope that my students will understand.

  3. kmckay says:

    I really enjoyed your presentation. I also do not understand all of it but the pictures are great!
    Just an FYI the slide at 8:49 is inverted, reads backwards.

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