Michael on December 9, 2013

My Unit on Roof Framing with four Lesson Plans is located at http://michaelnauth.wix.com/generalcarpenter . I created PowerPoint slides, added audio on PowerPoint, then saved the file as a .wmv (this took almost an hour per lesson), then uploaded to YouTube. (Thanks to Keith for his tutelage).  I created the assignments as PPT’s, uploaded to Slideshare and then […]

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Michael on December 2, 2013

I chose to use Slideshare to upload my PowerPoint presentation since it has the capability to be shown to a closed group and it was relatively easy to convert it to a Slidecast.  There is probably a better way, but I used Quicktime to record my voice, uploaded the m4A file to Itunes, converted it to an mp3 file, and uploaded […]

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