Michael on November 18, 2013

Activity 10.2 – Technology – Objectives & Tools          Michael Nauth EDDL5101 Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy and Framing the Gable Roof Upon completion of this unit you will be able to:- Identify and name the various types of roof designs and roof framing components Draw, layout, calculate, cut, and frame roof components for […]

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Michael on November 15, 2013

APPRENTICESHIP training has been historically a top-down system. The apprentice left home, usually at a young age, and went to live with and was indentured to the master. Often, the master was the apprentice’s father.  The status of the apprentice was similar to that of a servant. Not much has changed in the construction industry where the […]

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Michael on November 10, 2013

I am glad to see that I am not the only one to chicken out of hand-coding HTML. That was lots of ‘fun’ but very time consuming. I also decided to use Wix.com I was concerned about my site being mistaken for a real site, so (thanks to Paula) I let be known that it […]

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Michael on November 6, 2013

Week 6        Learning Theory in a DL Context         Michael Nauth EDDL 5111   1.    What were the most interesting or important considerations for thinking about learning theory in distributed or online teaching environments?   I think that one of the most important considerations when considering Learning Theory in the DL environment is the asynchronous learning network.  When […]

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Michael on November 6, 2013

HTML CSS JavaScript

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Michael on November 4, 2013

I have yet to teach a course online, so I will limit my comments to my current practice. I am not sure which theory Maria Montessori espouses but there is definitely some of Piaget’s Cognitive Theory, some Humanist theory, and some Constructivism. I think that she ,too, might have been influenced by the Proverb (22:6 […]

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Michael on November 4, 2013

EDDL5101 TRU home page WordPress blog flickr Contents Basic Tags Body Attributes Text Tags bold italics font size 3 font colour blue Senators Canadiens Maple Leafs Canucks

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