Vanilla Forum as a Media Tools

I have chosen Vanilla Forum as a media tool. It is a light-weight tool to run forum on your website. It can also be embeded in existing school website seamlessly. I have been using for about 4 months now for my ICT class.
Complete evaluation of Vanilla Forum as a teaching tool is available here.

Here are some questions for discussion

What kind of learning activities can be done using forum?

Have you used forum website for teaching and if so then which forum did you use?

What could discourage teachers from using web-based technology for teaching?

Do you have any tips for educational use of forums?


5 thoughts on “Vanilla Forum as a Media Tools

  1. Hi Usman,
    I have never heard of Vanilla Forum, so I found this very interesting. It clearly has merit as an educational tool. I particularly like that students can submit, and then read your or other students’ comments / reviews. The fact that students submit via the forum, makes it a better tool than my blog. For students to upload work using a blog, they will have to create their own.
    Since you’ve been using it for some time, you can truly attest to the value of it. This is something to look into.

    • I know most of people just use WordPress. But if you want same functionality with some easy interface then vanilla is best. It is mainly designed as forum website but it can easily be configured to be used for blogging as well. Another plus point is its permission system which allows to customize for any kind of audience. Please let me know if you have any question or if you want to deploy it then I can help you.

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  3. Usman

    I too had never seen Vanilla forum before but I can see great potential here for adding social connectivity, the weak point in distance education. It looks really good, as a user, have you encountered any problems?

    • I did encounter problem of capatcha verification at login because vanilla uses google capatcha system to verify that human are using the system and not the web bots. Google services are blocked in China so capatch function didn’t here in Shanghai so I tweaked vanilla forum coding a little bit to remove capatcha verification. Now it works smoothly.

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