Separating Mixtures Of Ions By Precipitation Methods

Key Concepts

1. One important use of solubility is in the field of qualitative analysis which involves the use of experimental procedures to determine which elements or ions are present in a substance. 

2. On the book, the example of possible cation are Cl, SO4, S, OH and PO4.

3. After a precipitate has formed, filter off the precipitate (or use a centrifuge ) before adding more anions to the remaining solution.

4. The table that used in this topic shows teh reactions between the possible cations present in solution( on the left of the table) and the possible anions which could be added (along the top of the table)

5. According to the table, I learnt that the “-” indicates that no precipitate forms; “ppt” indicates that a precipitate forms when the ions are mixed.

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Activity-2 Worksheet

Quizlet Matching Game


Activity-3 Make Mindmap 
Group Work
Group # Group members
1 James Feng, Jay Ju, Terry Tan
2 miranda hu, Sylvia Shi
3 Jitai Dong, Emma Gu, Lokey Xu
4 Luke Cheng, Ted Tang
5 Stella Wei, Geneva Yang
6 Maggie Xue, Vincent Xue, Kally Zhu
Two students in a group.  You may group with any student you want.
There are many websites that allow you to make mindmaps online.  You may collaborate to work to make a single mindmap that contains following terms of solubility.
1. Calculate Solubility (g/ml)

should use following words  ,units, solute, solution, saturated, formula,

And give one example,

2. Calculate Molar Solubility(mol/L) Unit, concentration, saturated, formula, one example,

Must use following words

3. Define Solubility?

Four definitions of the solubility

Should use word “solution in all four definitions”

a. Define using word “Maximum”,  give formula, one example

b. Define using word “Saturated”,  give formula, one example

c. Define using word “Equilibrium”,  give formula, one example

d. Define using word “density”,  give formula, one example

4 . Predict Solubility?

a.Use following words

Soluble, low soluble, concentration limit, example, rich and poor, solutions,

b. should refer to table

c. Answer following questions 1. How to predict most soluble? 2. How to predict least soluble? 

You should write 100 words to express your experience of making mindmap, what were the challenges and how did you overcome them?  You should also put link to your mindmap.  Moreover, go to other’s mindmap and comment on at least two other mindmaps.



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