Predicting The Solubility Of Salts

 Key Concepts

1. a substance is said to have low solubility if a saturated solution of the substance is less than 0.1 M.

2. Copper is special. It can form two different ions. Cu+ and Cu2+. Cu+ has “Low Solubility” when combined with Cl, Br, or I

3. Cu2+ is “Soluble” when combined with Cl, Br or I

4. Normally, the amount of glass which dissolves in water can be neglected and glass is said to have negligible solubility in water.

5. When two ions form a compound having “Low Solubility”, the mixing of the two ions will cause a precipitate to form. We can find out whether a compound is low soluble or not on the back of the book.

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Activity-3 Solubility Table
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