My name is Muhammad Usman Farooq, I have been teaching BC high school science curriculum for over 10 years now. Although my expertise is in Chemistry and Biology, but my interest in technology-for-education drives me to explore more into e-learning. So I taught myself html, css, ajax and php programming about five years ago. So, since 2013, I also started teaching ICT 11 and ICT12 courses. Over the years, I have explored many web-based application to share resources with students effectively.

I learned about moodle, WordPress , weebly and wikispaces but I found that all of them were either very demanding on server resources or were having too many irrelevant features. Moreover, I am in China and I have to make sure that uninterrupted service of the website for my students. Irrelevant feature, heavy load on server and interruptions in some services were very discouraging. Part of problem could be that that those systems were not developed by teachers. So I developed my own system ( which later on was adopted by our school. Now many teachers are using this system in my school. I also have privilege of leading two workshops on the effective use of technology in education.
I look forward to exploring into multimedia in the classroom. At present I often used videos but it will be rewarding to learn to use multimedia resources efficiently.
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