Topic-4 Activity-3

Find any resouces online and summarize them.  You may find a powerpoint and narrate that using voicethread plateform. or find a video and write a summary.  You should share link of your resouces in comments and  summarize them in comments.  You should also comment on at least two other resources. 

Topic 5 Activity 3

You should write 100 words to express your experience of making mindmap, what were the challenges and how did you overcome them?  You should also put link to your mindmap.  Moreover, go to other’s mindmap and comment on at least two other mindmaps.

Topic -1 Activity-3

Find four different definitions of solubility online and compare and contrast those definitions, Moreover, choose the one that you think is closest to your understanding of solubility and explain in comments that how the definition relates to your understanding of solubility? 

Hardness of water

Please answer the following questions as comments to this post.

1.  Find out if water in your city is hard or soft(give reference of information)?


2. What is being done to remove hardness of water? or what chemical or filter or other technology solutions are available in your place to resolve this issue?

3. Is there any part of your country which has severe water hardness.

4. Describe a news story about hard water issue in your country, provide link and comment.

5. Are there any diseases found in any part of your country due to hard water?

When you finish answering your question then please comment on at least two responses of other participants.


Assignment -3 Gamify Learning

How to gamify learning

I teach coding using, lightbot and tynker, It always fascinate me that gamifying learning improves teaching and learning experience. Please participate in this seminar actively and provide your highly valuable feedback. I appreciate your input and look forward to learn from your experience.

Date: Monday, July 22, 2017 to July 26, 2017

Topic:  Gamification in learning

Facilitator: Muhammad Usman Farooq

Mode: Asynchronous online


Access: You are required to signup to participate in discussion. Fortunately, it allows you to login using third party credential like facebook and google.

There are three parts of this seminar

Part-1:  Introduction to the gamification in learning

Part-2:  Research work about gamification in learning

Part-3   Tools and strategies of effective use of gamification in learning

In this seminar, you will
1. explore, how gamification enhances teaching and learning experience

  1. learn, how gamification improves engagement, which is an important feature of universal design of learning.
  2. Explore different strategies to use gamification for teaching.

Please click at the following link to participate in the seminar.    

If you have questions or need help, please feel free to email me at any time at 


Muhammad Usman

Week 1: Activity 2 Introduction

My name is Muhammad Usman Farooq, I have been teaching BC high school science curriculum for over 10 years now. Although my expertise is in Chemistry and Biology, but my interest in technology-for-education drives me to explore more into e-learning. So I taught myself html, css, ajax and php programming about five years ago. So, since 2013, I also started teaching ICT 11 and ICT12 courses. Over the years, I have explored many web-based application to share resources with students effectively.

I learned about moodle, WordPress , weebly and wikispaces. I was discourged by most of these plateforms because they are either very demanding on server resources or are having too many irrelevant features. However, I have invested some time on moodle and now I love it. It has helped me improve my teaching and also have helped my students improve their learning experience. I use it to share resources with students and to do many online computerized assesments. Students enjoy computerized assessment because I allow them to attempt many times. I have linked it to my question bank and that shows different questions to students everytime. Moreover, students can do these assessment anytime they want. Students

My moodle website can be reached at

my personal website is

Here is link to my linkedin profile


Week 10 Activity 4. Owncloud as locally hosted file storage system

I live in Shanghai in China. Most of file foreign-hosted file storage website do not work here. As a solution to this problem, I installed owncloud on school server to allow all teachers to use school-based cloud storage system. It has community edition and enterprise edition.

Community edition is free of cost. Here is list of features and differences between the community edition and enterprise edition.

ownCloud Community or Enterprise Edition.



Community Edition

Enterprise Edition


(Must share customizations with Community)

ownCloud Commercial License for
ownCloud Server Core and Enterprise Modules

Deployment Options

On-Premises, Hybrid, Cloud

On-Premises, Hybrid, Cloud

Onboarding/Migration Assistance


Dedicated Deployment Manager


Community Forum (free) or Standard Subscription (8×5)

Enterprise Subscription (12×5) or Custom Subscription (up to 24×7)



Multi-Language Support


Intuitive Web-Interface


May be branded

Desktop Clients for Windows, MacOS & Linux


Mobile Clients for iOS & Android

0,99 € / 0,99 $

Included in Subscription,
may be branded

Active Directory/LDAP Integration


Branding with ownBrander


ownBrander Self Service included
(may be extended with ‘Branding Consulting Package’
or ‘Branding Subscription’)

Oracle DB Support




Community Edition

Enterprise Edition

Activity Stream


Content Sharing


Federated Cloud Sharing


Sharing Permission Management








Video Streaming


Image Gallery


Large File Support (>4 GB)


Upload Chunking/Resuming


Collaborative Editing of Office Documnts with Collabora Online

(not supported)


Microsoft Outlook Plugin



File Drop


File Tagging

Admin-Defined, User-Defined

Admin-Defined, User-Defined, Auto- & Group-Tagging

File Versioning


File Comments


File Locking






Guest Access



Workflows (Automated File Operations)


Full Text Search



Password Policy


Extensibility through ownCloud App Store

Community contributed:
Music, Video, Notes
+ 200 more

ownCloud Apps
certified for the enterprise



Community Edition

Enterprise Edition

Storage Infrastructure Consolidation


Primary storage

Local storage, GlusterFS/Red Hat Storage, OpenStack Swift

Local storage, Amazon S3,
Ceph S3, OpenStack Swift, GlusterFS/Red Hat Storage

Secondary storage

FTP, Dropbox, Google Drive,

S3, FTP, Dropbox, Google Drive,

Microsoft SharePoint Integration


Windows Network Drive Integration




Community Edition

Enterprise Edition

2-Factor Authentication


Active Session Management




Encryption of Primary Storage (AES-256), Key management


File Firewall


Auditing/Logging Module


SAML/SSO Authentication


Technical Toolbox


Community Edition

Enterprise Edition

Command Line Interface (CLI)


Provisioning APIs




OpenCloudMesh API


Sharing API


Capability API


Public ownCloud Server Core API




The major difference that I noticed between the community edition and the enterprise editions is sync application availability for mobile devices. These applications are not available for the community edition but it does not cause any problem for our local installation because teachers used it to keep their work on laptops in sync with school server. I have not heard any request from any teacher to sync it with their mobile devices.

Guest Access, Workflows (Automated File Operations), Full Text Search, Password Policy is also not available in the community edition but these things are not needed at small scale level. As to the full text search, a copy of all these files  is always available on desktops so one can use windows and mac features to search through files if one has to do full text search. Limitations only apply when one try to access files form the web interface. Password policy defines character length, character types for user password. In community editions, it allows to create password with any alphanumeric characters, which is sufficient. I have been using i

 I live in Shanghai in China. Most of foreign-hosted (non-Chinese) Cloud-storage websites do not work here. As a solution to this problem, I installed owncloud on school server to allow all teachers to use school-based cloud storage system. Today, I found one cloud hosting site that still works in China. This is flipdrive.

It provides 10 GB Cloud Storage, 25 MB File Size Limit, Up to 10 File Sharing Links and Up to 10 Folder sharing for free as its basic plan. If one need more space then the basic plan can be upgraded to the personal plan, that offers 25 GB Cloud Storage, 1 GB File Size Limit, Unlimited File Sharing Links, Unlimited Folder Sharing and Direct Links to Files. Moreover, it also provides the mobile application to keep your photos, contacts, and bookmarks synchronized with one’s cloud storage. I don’t think I will use because sooner or later it is going to be blocked here. There are better services like dropbox and one driver available but they are blocked in China.