Assignment 2 Part-2 Plagiarism

Objectives of lesson:

  1. Students will learn what constitutes plagiarism
  2. Students will learn about best practices to avoid plagiarism

Student will work in small groups of 4.

Activity-1: What do they already know? Time: 5 minutes

Each group will be given an A4 paper like this

Definitely plagiarism May be plagiarism Definitely not plagiarism

They will be asked to work in their group and write four things about plagiarism on the given A4 paper.

Activity-2: Pre-quiz plagiarism Time: 5 minutes

Students will be guided to following link to take pre-quiz about plagiarism. Each student will take quiz individually.

Activity-3: Learn and Connect Time: 15 minutes

Students will learn new aspects of plagiarism and will connect with their previous knowledge. They will be directed to following link to learn about plagiarism. Moreover, they will discuss in groups as they explore more information about plagiarism.

Activity-4: Reflect on learning, Time: 5 minutes

Students will be encouraged to discuss how their position has changed after reading. Then they will write new notes and fine-tune their previous notes on their group paper about plagiarism.

Activity-5: Assessment for learning, Time: 10 minutes

Students will take quiz at

to check their understanding of plagiarims.

Activity-6: Best practices, Time:   15 minutes

Student in their groups study best practices to avoid plagiarism at

Activity-7: Identify Plagiarized work, Time:  10 minutes

Students in their groups go to following link

to identify plagiarized work

Activity-8: Make concept map, Time:  10 minutes

Then all groups in the class will make a concept map on a big poster to show different aspects of plagiarism.