Activity 8.2 Emerging Web Standards – HTML5

I think following four technologies could be very useful in

Stream video to the

Students don’t have to download
videos of tutorials to watch them. Sometime there is also issue of compatibility
of video player software for example, files with mov  extensions don’t play
on windows platform due to lack of codecs for them. One has to install QuickTime
player to play those videos.  There are many different codecs. End user of
those resources may not have proper video codecs installed on their systems so Stream video to the browser (a server-side
technology) can play videos without worrying about compatibility of end user’s

Drag and drop and
XHR upload

I use Submit
to collect assignments from students. I think drag and drop kind
of upload is much better. I would like to use this one to get assignments from
students. It is a great technology to build user-friendly interface.  Whenever
I get time I will implement it on my page.

based file reading
is great to allow students to read documents online.
Then we don’t have to worry about compatibility of students’ system to the file
type.  Moreover, there is also issue of cross-system compatibility. For
example, windows user may find it difficult to read document developed by mac
word processor or mac Number applications.

type of questions in science can be made by exploiting drag and drop technology.