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Go to following link (http://www.contextures.com/xlSampleData01.html

)to get sample excel data. Copy the data to your workbook and apply different functions that you learn in the following RSS feeds.

CP056: So which formulas you should care to learn?

Find first & last date of a sale using Pivot tables [quick tip]

How many formulas should you learn? [Weekend Poll]

Finding if a cell has 7 in it… [Pattern matching in Excel]


Submit four excel workbooks to me at


Flickr is blocked in China so I could not search for images to create slideshow. I had to call somebody out of China and gave him directions to send me Flickr code to embed in my wordpress post.

If flickr is not blocked in China I will use to share images with students and then ask them to comment on structure and functions of organelles of cells that were shown in those images

—————————— Flickr coded is here——————

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