The Solubility Product

Key Concepts

  1. The equilibrium expression corresponding to the above equilibrium equation is called the SOLUBILITY PRODUCT EXPRESSION.
  2. Ksp = [Ca2+][F]2

Where Ksp is called the Solubility Product constant.

  1. “Solubility” is the amount of a substance required to make a saturated solution.
  2. “Molar solubility” is the molar concentration of a saturated solution
  3. “Solubility Product” is the Ksp value obtained when the concentrations of the ions in a saturated solution are multiplied together.

Solubility Product Notes.pdf

Activity-1 (optional)

You may attempt this worksheet to check your understanding of the solubility product. You should check your answers using the answer key.

Worksheet:   ws1_questions-2.doc ,     ws1key_key-2.doc ,    


Please complete the following worksheet and submit online.  You may also print it and handwrite it and then take picture to send it to me.

Solubility Worksheet

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