Topic-4 Activity-3

Find any resouces online and summarize them.  You may find a powerpoint and narrate that using voicethread plateform. or find a video and write a summary.  You should share link of your resouces in comments and  summarize them in comments.  You should also comment on at least two other resources. 

Topic 5 Activity 3

You should write 100 words to express your experience of making mindmap, what were the challenges and how did you overcome them?  You should also put link to your mindmap.  Moreover, go to other’s mindmap and comment on at least two other mindmaps.

Topic -1 Activity-3

Find four different definitions of solubility online and compare and contrast those definitions, Moreover, choose the one that you think is closest to your understanding of solubility and explain in comments that how the definition relates to your understanding of solubility?