Hardness of water

Please answer the following questions as comments to this post.

1.  Find out if water in your city is hard or soft(give reference of information)?


2. What is being done to remove hardness of water? or what chemical or filter or other technology solutions are available in your place to resolve this issue?

3. Is there any part of your country which has severe water hardness.

4. Describe a news story about hard water issue in your country, provide link and comment.

5. Are there any diseases found in any part of your country due to hard water?

When you finish answering your question then please comment on at least two responses of other participants.


Assignment -3 Gamify Learning

How to gamify learning

I teach coding using code.org, lightbot and tynker, It always fascinate me that gamifying learning improves teaching and learning experience. Please participate in this seminar actively and provide your highly valuable feedback. I appreciate your input and look forward to learn from your experience.

Date: Monday, July 22, 2017 to July 26, 2017

Topic:  Gamification in learning

Facilitator: Muhammad Usman Farooq

Mode: Asynchronous online

Link: https://www.tes.com/lessons/sqi6pQcWVxCFqA/gamify-learning   

Access: You are required to signup to participate in discussion. Fortunately, it allows you to login using third party credential like facebook and google.

There are three parts of this seminar

Part-1:  Introduction to the gamification in learning

Part-2:  Research work about gamification in learning

Part-3   Tools and strategies of effective use of gamification in learning

In this seminar, you will
1. explore, how gamification enhances teaching and learning experience

  1. learn, how gamification improves engagement, which is an important feature of universal design of learning.
  2. Explore different strategies to use gamification for teaching.

Please click at the following link to participate in the seminar.


If you have questions or need help, please feel free to email me at any time at urusman@qq.com 


Muhammad Usman