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Yay for creative commons

In the spirit of sharing!


You can use these photos for education, commercial purposes, and with other content.  You can even adapt it.  You have to alter it before you sell, license, sublicense, rent, transfer, distribute, or claim to own it.  If you use the photos without any alterations, you have to give the photographer credit.  (Side note: claiming the photos for myself, even if I have altered it, seems wrong.  I would want to credit the photographer, but mention that it has been altered.)


So much potential – cross curricular as well, it seems!

  1.  I had a look at the Lord of the Flies unit, and although it is for grades 9 and 10, I do see potential for Comm 11.

Use: reproduce, distribute, display, transmit, perform, use as individual teacher & other educators in school or educational organization – non-profit – only in a classroom or workshop, including intranet

Therefore, as per my individual need, I may copy and hand out to students, and make reference on my blog as it is closed.

Revise: Not allowed
Remix: Not allowed
Share: Yes, but in original form

Even though I could not find the link to the “fine print” (the dreaded “Page not Found” message), I will give credit to the copyright Holder: Nobel Media AB 2013, and add link to the website.

It seems that you might need – depending on some of their other material – the permission of the rights holder. I do see potential for story here – a lovely link to Teaching for Transformation. They provide an email address for you to contact them to get permission of the copyright holder.

2.   For the purpose of our course currently, I have found the following:   Evaluating Web Resource

The licence allows you to share – either the original or adapted format – by copying, adapt – by remixing, transforming or building upon.  You may use this for educational or commercial purposes.  You have to give the licencor credit, provide a link to the licence and mention any changes.  You may not make it seem as if the licensor is endorsing you.




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