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Why those websites?

For a great many years, educators much smarter and braver than me, but with a similar vision, have been passionately advocating for a change in education. Many have experienced the failure of the old system firsthand – either as a teacher in the classroom, or as a parent to a child. Many have given their vision wings, and have stepped away of the safety of tradition, wandering into uncharted terrain. They are the pioneers. These are the people I want to listen to.

I subscribed to Classroom 2.0 more than a year ago.  I am on their emailing list, and receive regular updates.  I am ashamed to admit that I have not paid enough attention to these revolutionaries.  This past year has been a difficult one for me, and responsibilities at school, and elsewhere, kept me too busy.  It is a wonderful website, though, and I invite you to investigate.

The buffs who write for The Daily Riff are the kind who do not beat around the bush.  No innuendo there;  just the truth as they see it.  I did an additional course in pedagogy some years ago, and some of our reading material came from this site.  It makes for interesting, and often powerful reflection.  Their focus is on the flipped classroom.  (I am also now following them on Facebook.)

I am also interested in blended learning.  A brand new (to me, anyway) site – or blogazine, as they call it – I’ve come across is P21 Partnership for 21st Century Learning.  There is a lot of information to scout through, but I have already discovered a skills map in PDF format.  I took a peek, and I am quite excited.  I cannot wait to dig in.

I guess you could say my aim is to move away from “sage-on-the-stage” (so to speak), and to explore ways in which students could buy in to their facilitating their own learning. I have by no means achieved this yet, but the heart is willing.

I have more feeds.  You are welcome to check them out.

There is so much information available on the net.  You simply cannot claim ignorance anymore.  In the “olden days” people often jealously guarded their knowledge, or attempted to sell it in book format.  Isn’t it wonderful what you can discover just by gliding your fingers across a keyboard?







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