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I have recently discovered a grammar site which, upon a quick glance, looked like a good reference site to use in my class.  I chose this site – Quick and Dirty Tips – Education – to review according to the following criteria:


Web address? (edu / gov / org / com / k12)       It is a .com.
Name/Title?       The title Quick and Dirty Tips does not seem very professional, yet has a fun feel.  It is not solely based on education, but definitely has a comprehensive cover of key issues in grammar usage.
Easy to navigate?       Yes   
Working links?       Yes

Name of author/creator?       Mignon Fogarty
Biography / proof of expertise?       B.A. in English from University of Washington and M.S. in Biology from Stanford University, magazine writer, technical writer, author of 7 books, entrepreneur, senior editor and producer of number of health and science websites         
Way to connect with author?      Google+, Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.  Provides opportunity for questions, report of technical problems, and media or speaking inquiries – links don’t work.  However, if you go to the bio page, the link to her email works.

When was site created?       Earliest record: 2006.  Copyright 2016.
When was the last update?       New posts are added with regular intervals.
Date of post?       Each new post is dated.

Reputable?       Writer’s Digest, Writer’s market, Writer’s Digest University & Writer’s Digest Shop.  Awards:  Best Writing Website, and 29 other awards (website and podcasts)
Related to theme of site?        Yes

True / useful?          Yes
Mechanics: spelling, grammar, punctuation?          Lenient approach to use of punctuation
Citations provided?          Yes
Generalized, biased statements vs. factual, proven, objective (depending on the site)?          Factual and correct


To summarize:  I like the feel of this website.  Clearly she has made a name for herself in the grammar and writing world.  I find her use of punctuation when explaining rules a little lenient, but there is no other issues.  It is a great source.


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  • #   lkondos on 10.06.16 at 23:15     

    Using Delano’s criteria: http://www.quickanddirtytips.com/grammar-girl


    URL: .com = commercial
    Author: Mignon Fogarty
    Purpose: Teach
    Links: Many links to podcasts, as well as to additional (reputable) websites


    Authority: Fair
    POV: A personal, first person approach
    Profession: managing director, author, podcaster, editor
    Reputable? Yes
    Pass the smell test? A fun website to use as reference for grammar issues. She touches on common errors made by students, and provides good explanations and examples to clarify.

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