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I have decided to use a website for my last unit:  Lord of the Flies (grade 11).  Wordpress seems the most logical choice as we have become accustomed to the interface.  I am currently investigating web hosts. Please share if you have some experience as to which is the best. At this point, I am looking at Bluehost.

I plan to spend most of term 3 on this unit as it involves many different elements: research, oral discussions and feedback, writing, and ultimate research project which will be presented in class (with parents invited to attend). All their artefacts will be showcased as well.  Students will come into this unit having read the novel.  Essentially, students will manage their own learning for this unit.  There will be points of checking in, e.g. after each lesson is completed, and students will have to provide proof of learning.

I have divided the unit into seven lessons, with each lesson spanning over anything from 1 – 10 periods.  The project will be completed in groups (5 per class; about 5 students per group) and students will be asked to research (1) bullying  (2) leadership  (3) Maslow’s hierarchy  (4) Stanford experiment  (5)  Milgram experiment,  and relate it to the novel. They will be given options as to how they would like to present it, e.g. PowerPoint, Prezi, Flipchart, or Video.  The Communications students (all but one on a Modified program) will be given the topic on bullying, with already researched links to follow. They will also be provided with specific chapters / pages in Lord of the Flies. They will have done a PowerPoint or two by then, and will, therefore, use PowerPoint to create an anti-bullying poster campaign.  They will work closely with the teacher and SEAs in order to accomplish this.

Navigation bar on the left:

I want my first page to have links to all the different points of discussion:  elements of a novel, background to the novel, characterization, setting, symbolism, and theme, plus additional links to the group projects and resources.  The unit will be introduced with a fun “Who wants to be a survivor” game, and a link to that page will also be added.  Two other links to the navigation bar, will be to Diigo where the teacher and students will communicate with each other as to good websites found, with highlights and sticky notes.  There will also be a link to the Google book Lord of the Flies.  In Diigo, all groups will be linked to the Google book.

Top bar:

I will have links to the different lessons.  The lessons are as follows:

  • Lesson 1:  Who wants to be a survivor?
  • Lesson 2:  Elements of a novel & background
  • Lesson 3:  Setting
  • Lesson 4:  Characterization
  • Lesson 5:  Symbolism
  • Lesson 6:  Themes
  • Lesson 7:  Group Project

There will be a link to my blog.  I am not sure whether I need an “About” link. At this point, I don’t see the necessity, but will keep my options open.


On the first / home page, I want to include information that link to both the BC Curriculum and TfT practice.

Bottom of page – as part of content, or in a bottom bar:

On my HOME page, I would like to have links to the 5 group projects.  I am not sure whether this can be done –  I guess it depends on the theme that I choose.

Please check out my Wireframe for website, and comment or offer advice.  (It contains more detailed info than a typical wireframe, but that is how my brain works.)



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  • #   Nic on 11.14.16 at 07:15     

    Hi Louise,

    Thank-you for the great overview and example of this week’s assignment. I have been away for a week on a long dreamed of vacation with my husband, boys and mom and have just returned – newly yet lagged and am up working to figure out where to from here in the course. Your example really helps me sort out what Keith is looking for though I’m feeling very challenged by needing too actually create a website. Yours seems very clear, easy to navigate and practical for your current teaching purposes. I have many great ideas but am overwhelmed by the lack the knowledge and time to complete the assignments. I am wanting to create a blog page and information site about my animal assisted interventions and use it as a platform for starting a master’s project on the same topic in the future. I’m hoping to connect with my colleagues at work and get some 1:1 tutoring because I’ve fallen behind (even more if that’s possible!) and need more direct instruction (oh dear – yes, I’m the student with special needs). Seeing your plan helps though so thank-you! Well done!

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