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I designed my website, called ENGLISH WITH KONDOS, with a novel study in mind.  Every year I feel that I have not spent enough time on Lord of the Flies. This time I plan to spend the whole of the third term on it. It is not a long term, but long enough to really dig […]

Who’s the boss?

It is true that technology should not claim autonomy. I believe that you need to make decisions on which technology you are going to use based on what is available at your school, and what you want to achieve.  That makes you the one in charge. Ultimately, you are the one with the finger on […]

My website

I have decided to use a website for my last unit:  Lord of the Flies (grade 11).  Wordpress seems the most logical choice as we have become accustomed to the interface.  I am currently investigating web hosts. Please share if you have some experience as to which is the best. At this point, I am looking […]

Course: Yearbook 11/12 ; Unit: Photography (Only a sneak peek into what we do.)

Learning HTML USE YOUR SMARTPHONE These days, you don’t need an expensive camera to take good photos. Your smartphone has the ability to snap really good shots – and you always have it with you. Tips on using a cellphone for photography Clean the lens of your phone’s camera before you take any photos. Use […]

8 Skills you need to be a good student? Can you say “irony?”


Teaching about plagiarism (2B)

Grade 11 Duration: 5-6 periods BYOD & headphones (Laptops will be provided to students who are unable to bring their own.) Sources and procedures, with instructions, will be posted on the class blog. Format focused on: MLA   Outcomes: 1.  I can understand the concept of plagiarism. 2.  I can identify when information is plagiarized. 3.  I can use […]

Cyber safe or shaky

We talk about this often. We are expected to be careful with the content we share, or expose the students to – and rightfully so. We are responsible – teachers and parents – for the wellbeing  of the child. Yet, students are online for long hours of the day – before school, during school hours, […]

Application of EdTech theory

EVALUATION OF OLD LESSON GRADE: 9 UNIT: Poetry LESSON: Introduction to the poetry TITLE OF LESSON: What are you listening to? QUICK SYNOPSIS: Students will discover that the songs they sing to very often double as beautiful poetry. MODEL:  TECH HANDOFF: Students’ interests drive the learning experience with teacher guidance & flexible choice of tools & technology to […]

Networked Learning

Connectivism does not imply a total absence of educator, only that “this presence is as a participant and not an authority figure” (Downes, 2013). The connectivist’s theory seems to assume that all students have a strong ability to self-motivate and problem-solve, can set their own learning standards and goals, have online experience, and an already […]

My Teaching Philosophy(ies)

Do you ask yourself the questions: How much? How often? How involved? when it comes to technology? I do, all the time. I worry about students’ dependability on their devices. I worry about their social interaction – the old-fashioned kind. The kind where you can handle a face-to-face conversation by looking someone in the eye […]