Well I’ve wandered around the internet looking for flexible graphic making programs and downloaded and signed up for programs ( Sliderocket) but have found that as I am a past user of MS Publisher for making posters and graphics I have gone back to it for the flexibility and obviously my familiarity with it — I will experiment with other programs for pp type presentations but I think MS Pub program is good for what I need to do. The pure photo editing programs — such as I have with adobe photo shop – are obviously good for photos but are very difficult to use for poster, presentation style pages… I thought maybe Gimp or SumoPaint would have other options but I couldn’t seem to find them — ie. importing multiple images, text boxes , wraps etc…so I abandoned them after playing around for a while– it is really a lot of investigation and time — so for this assignment I  used my old friend MS Publisher- however I am excited about some of the new pp stuff – like Prezi and Sliderocket — later…

Sorry this is late  and I know the delay in receiving comments about your work really lessens the impact ( like getting your test marks back ofter a month and I do feel that I am being rude ……) but….. I will comment right away on your graphics ( I have looked at them but wanted to think about them and  I will try give you some good feedback  on your flicker account…)  and try and get caught up to date  — I’ve been reading and enjoying your work… but haven’t had time to produce!!!   I0 days of mosaic workshops in the hot sun knocked me out… but — finito for a good while!

Here is the link to my flicker account — comments, description etc are on the site


Also, I was really excited about your comments on the voicethread and think that the personable style of interacting with the voice recording and listening to your thoughts and free expression is a real plus for me in involving me in a more dynamic learning environment.  I will send comments on your voicethread replies to your emails.

OPTIONAL  READING…..If you are interested in other viewpoints regarding graphics, time, and the reality of online teaching…in my meanderings this past week I also ventured into an online teaching site my colleagues at VCC are raving about coursera.org    – a free university level online distributed learning organization now being recognized with top universities around the world. I read a course blog of a professor teaching a course on computational investing  and his reflections on teaching a MOOC and what he did right and wrong — an honest, practical, commentary and after the first couple points in his blog he focuses on his presentation style and tech challenges which I found very informative.


There are  some interesting reflections on his experience and teaching style regarding best practices and online teaching slideshow presentations   (which is his number one teaching tool) — he basically draws on the slides with  penultimate on an IPAD  to save time and focus on content..( He says it takes him 1hour  for each 15 minutes of video and he has a super tech support team. It would seem to be the antithesis of what we are setting out to do — or is it?? It does make for some alternative view points in the real world of online teaching where getting  content matter across in video style slide presentations reverts to the classic blackboard ( whiteboard)  lecture.


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