Week 3: Activity 2 – Create an Educational Graphic

I had hoped to post my education graphic directly to this blog but unfortunately some of the text that accompanied my graphic became very blurry when uploaded to WordPress.  I’m not fantastic at coding and tried a few things that had been suggested in the readings for resizing graphics but unfortunately wasn’t able to correct it to my satisfaction.  (If you have any suggestions, I’m all ears!)

Instead I have uploaded my graphic to Flickr and I didn’t experience any issues with the quality so please feel free to visit Flickr and comment on my graphic.



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  1.    Rick on February 1st, 2017

    Hey Kelly:

    I like your educational graphic, it’s a really good example of a picture doing what text could not accomplish. I’m not sure why WordPress makes the text blurry. I’m going to guess that WordPress reduces the file size and quality of your uploaded graphic. As a free site they do dictate many of the users actions.



  2.    keith webster on February 5th, 2017

    Hi Kelly,

    A good example of an educational graphic. Is this a graphic you’ve re-purposed by adding the directional arrows? It’s much more effective with the additional direction.

    I think the problems with the text probably came from WordPress’s attempt to resize the image to fit your blog post. When you upload an image in WordPress it creates different sizes of the file to use as needed. The default size of your image as set into a blog post is 300 pixels by 168 pixels. If you then try to stretch it to fit the blog post width, the text would be blurry (and the image somewhat as well). Even if you use a larger image size and it has to be displayed at a smaller size, some images will not display fine detail well.

    My general recommendation is to always keep text separate from a graphic. For this one I would recommend cropping it to remove the text and then adding the text below the image. This also makes it easier to adapt the description/caption to your audience as needed.



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