Assignment 2 – Creating a Multimedia Enhanced Student Activity

My student activity/assignment can be found in the post below or by clicking here.

This activity was designed for a very specific audience and would be best utilized in by post-secondary learners in the Respiratory Therapy Program at Thompson Rivers University.  An activity of this nature would be best suited in RESP 2720 – Professional Issues in Health Care in which “students develop professional skills that are required to work effectively within a health care environment. Today’s graduate must possess effective oral and written communication skills, work effectively within a team, provide clear patient and public education, and demonstrate the ability to problem-solve. Small group, seminar-based discussions are often used to provide a broader perspective and enable a deeper understanding of course topics. This course is topic driven yet anchored to historical issues for the respiratory therapist practicing in the Canadian health care system.” ( 

In this specific activity, the learning outcomes are as follows:

  • Students will demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of one of the nine pillars of the profession and convey this understanding to classmates in the form of a multimedia presentation.
  • Students will demonstrate effective communication skills both within their group and in presenting the material in a concise and cohesive manner to their classmates.
  • Students will engage in respectful and thoughtful discussion and reflection about their colleagues’ presentation.

As an extremely novice educator, I am slowly developing theories and principles that I can use to guide my teaching.  In looking at Bloom’s Taxonomy, I think my lesson touches on the three major domains outlined in the taxonomy.

  1. Cognitive Domain
    • Focused on intellectual skills
      • remember, understand, apply, analyze, evaluate and create
    • My activity asks learners to critically think and create a knowledge base about their particular topic and then asks them to analyze and evaluate which information is important and create a presentation based on that information.
  2. Affective Domain
    • Focused on the attitudes, values, interests and appreciations of the learners
      • receiving, responding, valuing, organization, characterization
    • My activity asks learners to present their material effectively in front of an audience, work well within a team and start to form their own ideas and values about the material they are learning.
    • My activity also encourages active listening and responding by asking learners to pose thoughtful questions to their audience.
  3. Psychomotor Domain
    • Focused on the ability of learners to physically accomplish task and perform movement and skills
    • My activity does not necessary incorporate the psychomotor domain except that learners may be performing movement and skills within their multimedia presentations to demonstrate learning and understanding.

In short, I believe my activity is pedagogically sound and achieves the learning outcomes that I intended.  I also believe that the inclusion of multimedia in this activity is integral to it’s success as it allows learners to express their creativity, ideas and values in a form that is flexible.  In using multimedia, a high degree of communication and collaboration is also necessary which will prepare learners for a future in healthcare where communication and collaboration is paramount.

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