Wk 9 – 11: Final Assignment

The Process

I created a wiki and used Moodle to teach a workshop on Image Editing using CS5. This was important to my role at Selkirk as we have several staff that could benefit from this skill in their roles as content providers for our website. I created the exams using google drive to hold the forms and inserted them as a widget. I wasn’t exactly sure if I put my course in Moodle in the right spot. I just over-wrote my Moodle page as given to us by TRU. Hopefully that works ok…?

I created the wiki first and then copied the content into Moodle. I found Moodle was limiting in how I could put in video, without a widget like wiki had, where I could embed the code. I had to search predominantly through youtube. That said, I also found using videos from Lynda.com a challenge because they require a password, so this was a challenge on the Wiki. I cheated and uploaded a photo screen shot and linked it to the video page. It allowed it to look more visually engaging.

I am interested to see how the wiki goes with my group at Selkirk. There are varying levels of competency within the group and the creating a log in for some seems to be an inhibitor. Already got questions on ‘how do i log in’…interesting to see how it goes.

I enjoyed the additional features in Moodle for chat and discussion. I look forward to learning more and more about this program. I used Blackboard 4 years ago and have been receiving a new version for my other TRU classes…it looks quite fancy now. Looking forward to creating courses in that as well.

The Issues

I put a lot of time into creating the content, looking for numerous sources and videos which took me much longer than I would have thought. By finishing this assignment late, I didn’t benefit from having my classmates try out my course, so I did Lesson 1 and 2 quiz and assignment.

You can see from my restore that I duplicated everything. I am not sure if that was how it was intended? See what Keith says there.

Also, when I was functioning in the student role as JB, it was confusing how to upload my assignment. I had to create another ‘post’ and I doubt this would have been something students would do. Perhaps I should assume their log-ins are different and it automatically as members of my class have access etc. Assuming it was a permissions thing. I also wanted to give JB a badge for each week he/she completed but couldn’t figure out how to do that either. Maybe if one of the members completes something I can?

I think my course is not very explicit in how it is graded. I think this could be improved next time around. It is going to be used as a training vehicle for a Marketing group in a college, so I didn’t emphasize that enough.

What I Saw From Others

Emily – Glad to see I wasn’t only one who was creating original content to help build future portfolio. Had never seen Google sites before and thought it looked very clean.

Gail – Saw Gail solved the video widget thing that I never did. Should have read her blog before starting, lol. Keith, if you know where these shortcodes etc are found, can you pass on the link?

Geoffrey – Sounded very smooth in Moodle to go with an already created course. Thinking now that might have been a good way to go, lol. Never seen Weebly. Couldn’t get your page to load for some reason.

Kelly – I found the learning curve with Moodle much more rewarding than with my original foray into WordPress as well. So much more robust with the tools. Will have to integrate survey monkey next time. Haven’t used it since 2007 so I imaging there is a lot of new features.

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