Wk 1: State of Technology in Education (5101)

State of Technology in Education

The present conception of the state of educational technology used in my field is probably different than most in the class. I am new to education as I have been workingi n marketing and communications. Due to the rise in digital marketing, the advances in technology and the requirements of marketers to use this technology is considerable. To a point of being overwhelming some days. A good article by HigherEducation summarized the pressures of today’s marketer: Marketers Are Overwhelmed by the Growing Demands of Digital Marketing. To this end, the state of technology in Marketing is fairly cutting edge.

My most recent experience working as a Marketing Manager for a small college in rual C at Selkirk College, provides me the opportunity to look over the shoulder of our faculty and the technology available to them. There I see a difference in the use of technology and the overall grasp of technology by the faculty. I would predict out of the ~150 faculty, 98% are Digital Immigrants. I work with them through a Marketing Automation System (online helpdesk) for them to request help from our marketing team. There is such a gap in the overall technological skills to use this system, we are making help videos to walk staff through this.


The applications I see being used around our school are Moodle, Microsoft Office Suite, Novel Groupwise email, Creative Suite, Gimp, Google Drive & Hangouts, Drupal, Prezi, T4 CMS, WordPress, Social Media sites and Sharepoint. 



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