W8: Research Paper

This paper is an examination of the increasing demand for post-secondary pedagogy for ‘acquiring marketing skills’ rather than simply demonstrating knowledge, due to the rapidly changing landscape of the marketing and communications industry, through advances in digital media and in particular, social media.

The only way to remain relevant in this emerging discipline is to constantly learn about the new environment as quickly as possible, and create a flexible pedagogical plan that utilizes the new digital media tools as part of the learning process.

Digital marketing differs from traditional marketing as it uses digital technologies that are inherently measurable, permit conversations to be targeted, and facilitate the creation of relationships between customers and firms, whereas the latter is much more mass communication oriented (Wymbs, 2011).

Download entire paper at EDDL5151 Jo Brookes Analytical Research Report.

1 thought on “W8: Research Paper

  1. Hi Jo,

    I think this is a well-written essay. Your question is one that Open Learning and TRU is asking too. I know we hired a social media person in our marketing department to write blogs and upkeep a Facebook page and to tweet etc. This job did not exist a few years ago so it means institutions are in fact embracing technology and social media for marketing purposes. I really like the Yamaguchi table and plan to share it with fellow instructional designers and fellow faculty who are learning more about online and blended courses.

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