W3 Activity 1 – Tell Us About Your Technology Plan

Does your institution have a technology plan, and if so, how and where is it accessed?

  • Yes. Emailed out to management only. Developed by IT Director and stored on their Shared Drive.
  • No, it is not shared on the college intranet my.selkirk.ca as you would think.

When was the technology plan last updated?

Each fiscal year it is updated, so in draft in May 2013 most likely. Ideally it would be prepared for 2013/2014 for sign-off by end of April 2013.

How are decisions made around technology funding and purchases?

At Selkirk College we have a Learning Resource Fund, which is to provide funding for projects that align with our strategic directions and specifically enhance the student’s learning experience.

The year-over-year fixed commitments on the fund include computer lab replace and monitoring. One half of the annual fund is utilized for these fixed commitments and the balance is directed to approved projects. Applications for funding are received from April 1 – May 15 of each year and the approval and funding allocation process follows shortly after.

Areas eligible for funding from the Learning Resource Fund will include:

  • Purchase or upgrading of technology equipment;
  • Short term staffing requirements to support initiatives undertaken by the fund (lab monitors, etc.);
  • Acquisition of learning and instructional materials which are deemed to be extraordinary and have not been included in the budget development process;
  • Activities and resources that support the removal of learning barriers.

Is there a plan for professional development related to the pedagogy of using technology?

Not specifically but it is encouraged through all faculty PD to update technology skills. It is also driven through initiatives from our Teaching  & Learning Group.

How often is the impact of technology on learning reviewed?

The priority for funding will be established annually by the Deans and Directors, and included in this would be a review of the impact of last year’s projects and their impact on learning. This information is then provided to the Learning Resource Fee Advisory Committee to guide the approval process.


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