Wk 2 5101 – RSS Feeds

I have been using Feeder.co for my RSS feeds. I watch different marketing blogs like marketingpro.com but mostly I have used it in my work capacity to see what is coming up on the two websites I have been managing content on. It pops up what has just been created and then I can go in and evaluate whether they meet style guide standards etc. It has actually shocked some staff that I send them changes before they knew their work was published.

I find that if I put too many sites in there, I don’t go there enough and it piles up too much so I watch the amount of sites I track. As you can see in my screenshot above, I am not going to read 42 new pages…still coming to terms with how best to use this. Not too dissimilar to when I sign up for newsletters etc that are emailed to me weekly that I just end up deleting 95% of the time.