W2 Activity Two: What Are We Using?

Technology I am using in my work

As a communications professional, I am equipped personally with the following equipment andĀ licensingĀ for software:

  • 2 Digital Cameras
  • 1 Video Camera
  • Creative Suite editing software (Photoshop, Indesign etc)
  • Digital tools like Imovie, Iphone, Pixelator, Powerpoint, Keynote, Prezi
  • PC Desktop
  • Macbook Air
  • Iphone

Personal technologies (students) are using to support their learning in the classroom.

As we are a community college, I see all the tools above used by various students but they are on their own to provide. The college will provide IMacs, video screens, green screens, cameras for filming that are required in the Digital Media & Technology program.

Why you/your students are using them, and if your efforts are impacting learning for both you and the students.

Best tools available for our budget(s) that help keep us current and competitive with the markets.

The one piece of technology that you currently do not have access to that you would dearly love to have...

A quick answer would be Ipads in the hands of all my staff or students I have to communicate with. This would move more of the teaching online and away from print ideally. Currently our students are caught 1/2 way in print and 1/2 online.

But honestly, I do not have an answer to this YET. I have been given fairly liberal access to technology in my roles but have found that the linch pin has often been the ability to support it.

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