Response to Arlene’s Assignments 2 and 3

I have sent these to Arlene as I will not be able to connect with her synchronous meeting as I have class on Tuesday morning. I thought I would share what I have here, as well.

It’s extremely dificult to find completely online classes for K-12. One site I found that is interesting,though, is Education World that has some great ideas for teaching online ethics, but not online. It’s a good read, though.

Here are the others:



chart of tools

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    Hi Jennifer,

    Thank you for your list of tools. They are great examples of authentic activities that can be used to enhance student engagement in an online teaching environment. I really liked the Ethics Curriculum tool and even though it is written for adult learners I have already begun thinking about how to recreate similar situations at a grade 5 level to enhance my students awareness of ethical situations, their own values and ways to deal with real world situations.
    I often have parents and students ask me how to create their own flashcards to support their learning at home so I have already saved your link and have begun creating some of my own.


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