KWL Chart 2

While reading these facilitation models, one thing struck me – I am very similar to my students. The language is unfamiliar and intimidating. I also require an explicit purpose for what I will be achieving. Perhaps it is my practical side dominating over my reflective side, but it’s there. However, once I delved more into the readings of online facilitator models it became clear to me that it is simply a matter of language and technology. Every time something new is introduced into our society, new terms come into existence.

Why is a teacher now a facilitator simply because she or he is online?

Why is a lesson plan now a model?

Why is it so difficult to merge the two that obviously need to be joined?

Once I realized this, the question then became, how to I transfer my F2F environment to an online setting?

I’m still not sure but I think I have a better understanding of what I need to do: learn the tools of online teaching, learn how to translate my knowledge into that workplace, learn how to deal with the new challenges that await me.

KWL2 Chart


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