Fabian’s Assign #2

While I don’t think this is exactly what Fabian had in mind, I find it a very interesting blog about teachers’ reluctance to incorporate online teaching in their classes. I see the same resistance in my school from teachers much younger than I and often wonder why those feeling prevail even today. I do know most educators have little time to add new facets to their F2F daily routines, however, I strongly believe it is in the students best interests to expose them to this type of education as early as possible. Not only because it’s available, effective and motivating, but simply because it’s the future.

Go to Why Tech Training for Faculty is a Waste if Time

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  • #   BC Sparvier on 04.07.15 at 11:42 pm     Reply

    No this is great article. The authors sums up what is needed to get teacher to buy into LMS or technology based learning.
    I realized that there a lot of teachers that do not use online learning as intended or use it all, beacuse no one is teaching them or they have not bought into it.
    Thanks for sharing.

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