EDDL 5141 Introduction

This is a brief introduction to me and my working past.

Since this was made, I have changed jobs somewhat to include more administrative work. I’m still in the classroom, but only for two courses a day. While I enjoy the challenges of the new position, I do miss the students and the daily interactions we used to share.

I hope I can manage working through the philosophies of education and realize what mine is as well as hope to apply it and adapt to my school’s environment.

The YouTube link is

Onward  ho …

I’m still having issues trying to upload videos onto this blog, but in the meantime YouTube still works.


  • #   Michelle Harrison on 02.02.15 at 5:26 pm     Reply

    Hi Jennifer,

    Thanks for the great introduction! I am glad you were able to get stable enough access to get something posted. I am a former Maple Leafer too! My husband and I spent three years in Dalian – and it definitely was one of the most memorable experiences I have had – and really had an impact on my approach to teaching. I also did some of my graduate work from China, so have experience some of the technical challenges. Looking forward to your perspectives and your philosophy post.

    • #   Tashmyra on 02.03.15 at 11:08 am     Reply

      Hi Jennifer,

      Great to meet you and welcome to the course! I posted an introduction but didn’t mention that before my present life story, I am also from Montreal, I went to Concordia University for a BA in Creative Writing and English Literature, then after traveling through Europe, decided to return to Canada and get my TESL certificate from the University of Toronto. Many years and adventures later, I eventually went to China- Chengdu in Sichuan province. It was only a 6 month stay (I wrote a bit about it in my latest post-week 3) becuase my husband didn’t like it when he eventually came to visit me so we relocated to Thailand where we lived for a couple of years (with our 8 yr old daughter- 10 yr old when we eventually returned to Canada). At the moment I am in Ecuador teaching English to Kichwa students in the Amazon and helping to set up a school for local Kichwa village teens- so I understand technical difficulties- I have just gotten back online after a few days with just enough to read postings but not enough to send! Looking forward to working with you! Tashmyra

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