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Fabian’s Assign #2

While I don’t think this is exactly what Fabian had in mind, I find it a very interesting blog about teachers’ reluctance to incorporate online teaching in their classes. I see the same resistance in my school from teachers much younger than I and often wonder why those feeling prevail even today. I do know […]

First Nations of Canada Unit – Media Exemplar

First Nations of Canada This unit was designed to be taught to pre-10 ESL International students before entering into the BC curriculum. It is to follow a unit on Canadian Geography that introduces the provinces, landscapes and climate. This is a general introduction to the concepts and vocabulary of First Nations groups. Rather than get […]

File Sharing

I’d first like to say that I’m absolutely for teachers sharing files with each other. Sharing resources and experiences can make us all better at engaging our students and enhancing our lessons. Of course, the regular way I have been sharing my files is via email or USB when they are simply too large. As […]

Week 3 Activity 1

I chose this photo as part of an IT class. Showing the large photo of a circuit board and then narrowing in on the component needed to study.   Original   Cropped      

Text using HTML

This was my first-ever attempt at formatting using HTML …am feeling quite confident that I now have the basics. Although my final result is not nearly as good as I think it can be – and will be in the next few weeks – I am pleased that I finally made it this far. The […]