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Final Project

http://www.mlesl.com/ I don’t think the link works, but if you type it in, it should. Please try and let me know. Xie Xie (Thx)

Philosophy of Teaching Online

Learning to be a Better Teacher Being and online learner is much more difficult for me than being in a classroom. I suspect the same will be true as an online facilitator versus a classroom teacher. This is only my second course online and the information, resources and tools are somewhat overwhelming. My biggest issue […]

Response to Arlene’s Assignments 2 and 3

I have sent these to Arlene as I will not be able to connect with her synchronous meeting as I have class on Tuesday morning. I thought I would share what I have here, as well. It’s extremely dificult to find completely online classes for K-12. One site I found that is interesting,though, is Education […]

Role of Facilitator

By reading the models posted for this course as well as searching online, I realized how many models have already been researched and implemented. However, they all come down to standard teaching basics which I feel Zane L. Berg, PhD., outlined in the clearest manner. Well-Designed Lesson Plans Berge’s emphasis that, no matter if online […]

KWL Chart 2

While reading these facilitation models, one thing struck me – I am very similar to my students. The language is unfamiliar and intimidating. I also require an explicit purpose for what I will be achieving. Perhaps it is my practical side dominating over my reflective side, but it’s there. However, once I delved more into […]

KWL Chart – beginning

I have started on my chart and every time I write a question, 10 more come up. I don’t want to spend too much time on all the things I don’t know and start reading about the main points of what I want to know. In any case, here is my beginning and, hopefull, the […]

Week 4 Assignment – My Philosophy and Online Learning

As I deal primarily with high-school aged students in a foreign land, much of my philosophy is derived from this environment. Many of the practices I currently use are based on my ability to reach my students in a face-to-face environment. I am engaging as a speaker to the class as a group, creating a […]

Philosophy for ESL Development

I hadn’t realized I had a real philosophy until I did some reading and reflected on what I actually do in the classroom and why I have been successful – especially with those students deemed too difficult or “lazy”. My deepest belief is that all students can learn what they need to learn if given […]

EDDL 5141 Introduction

This is a brief introduction to me and my working past. Since this was made, I have changed jobs somewhat to include more administrative work. I’m still in the classroom, but only for two courses a day. While I enjoy the challenges of the new position, I do miss the students and the daily interactions […]