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Student Assignment

I took an assignment I have previously done and added the audio recording aspect as I now know how to do this and can easily teach my students. I am also looking forward to having them create their own file-sharing sites where they can upload assignments for assessment. I think this is a great way […]

Enhanced Media Lesson

This lesson was designed for mid-level ESL learners (specifically Chinese, in my case). I found in my classroom that students had no training in reading for clues, or contextual reading. I took it upon myself to introduce them to this skill. The results have been an enormous increase in their reading comprehension which was the […]

Digital Story

Wow! This took so much longer and was much more difficult than I anticipated. I started with an idea to tell a story between passive learning and active learning which is something I’m doing with my students. I wrote a script and made a list of photos I needed to go with it. We went […]

File Sharing

I’d first like to say that I’m absolutely for teachers sharing files with each other. Sharing resources and experiences can make us all better at engaging our students and enhancing our lessons. Of course, the regular way I have been sharing my files is via email or USB when they are simply too large. As […]